Candles Delight



Candles Delight is a BRAND new company that makes and sells handmade candles.



Welcome to Candles Delight! For the traditional-minded candle lover, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered, too! If you want a lemon-scented candle in a lemony yellow color, Candles Delight has what you need.




Custom Made Candles

We’ll customize your candles just for you! Why settle for candles that look okay, but don’t smell so great? Or why be stuck with a candle that has a nice fragrance, but looks like it belongs on the fashion police’s “Most Wanted” billboard?


Why add fragrance to candles?

Historically, candles haven't been identified with possessing a great- or even good smell. American Colonial settler women have been credited with adding bayberry to candles. No longer were the candles’ only purpose relegated to sight only, but adding pleasant scents to candles added a dynamic that changed the existence of candles forever.

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About the Owners of Candles Delight

Darrell and Rose Swofford have been married for 40 years. They enjoy simple pleasures, such as the smell of freshly burning candles on a dark, chilly evening. They have decided to turn this pleasurable pass-time into a profitable business. They love to travel, and Rose has vowed to let Darrell come back home after the vacations! Some married couples can’t work together and these two are no different. However, they can work on different parts of the same project.  Darrell shall fulfill the role as Chandler and Rose shall take on the bookwork, shipping, receiving, HR, scheduling, vendor setup and teardown, construction and maintenance, and quality inspector. And when she’s done with all that, she can sweep the floor!

Kidding aside: Their goal is to bring you high-quality, handmade candles that you can purchase from a list or have custom built just for you.  Please feel free to contact them under the “Meet the Chandler” section.  Tell them what you want, and watch them bring your vision to life.

Happy Candles!